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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common question from our customers we ship nationwide and internationally too. All you got to do is visit the shop page and add a product of your choice, you will find the product you just added in the floating cart on the right-hand corner of your screen or find it on the drop-down menu cart page. 

You can later proceed to checkout if you are satisfied with the product in your cart, At the checkout page you fill in your shipping address or drop off your location address whichever you pick is fine by us since most clients want to buy DMT discreetly and it shipped discreetly. Later select a suitable payment method like bitcoin or Zelle pay.

After checking out you will be contacted by customer service for completion of the order by either one of the payments you just selected.

We have two types of shipping times all discreet.

we have 3 days of shipping or overnight delivery. Although some times the 3 days might extend to 5 days due to change is shipping routes, if so the customers will be informed by shipping company

We do offer a 7- 14 days money-back guarantee to all customers no matter what part of the world you are from we always deliver so usually money is refunded due to damaged goods.

Our DMT is about 92% pure with the best cut quality you will find in the market 

Yes we do ship overseas, not always any way because we have formed a partnership with other sellers across who will make it available within a short period in your cities around the world 

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