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A glass pipe with a bowl may also be called a base pipe, vaporizer pipe, crack pipe, pure pipe or DMT pipe. It is moreover one of the most classic forms for a weed pipe. The product looks so simple but it has many applications. With this glass pipe you can literally smoke and even vape anything: weed, hash, herbs, weed oil, dabs such as BHO or shatter, DMT and a whole lot more. Heat the bowl to vape the content or allow the flame to go inside for smoking things. This base pipe is 15.5 cm long and made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The length of the pipe acts to cool the smoke taking away the worst of the heat from your mouth. Are you looking for a base pipe, crack pipe, pure pipe or DMT pipe? In that case, you’ve found it!

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Classic Glass Pipe

They say you should call a spade a spade. But with this glass pipe that’s quite difficult. Everyone has their own name for it. Base pipe, crack pipe, DMT pipe, pure pipe, vaporizer pipe, or simply a glass weed pipe with a bowl. The fact it has so many names makes sense really as you can use it for anything. For use, fill the glass pipe through the opening above the bowl. It’s suitable for weed, hash, dabs, weed oil, DMT and a whole lot more.

Smoking or Vaping

All the above-named smoking materials can not only be combusted / smoked. With this simple looking weed pipe you can also vape them! It’s up to you. The only difference it makes is how you heat it. Do you want to combust the contents of your base pipe? Then hold the flame above the opening of the bowl and inhale. The flame will go into the bowl and combust the smoking material. Do you want to use it as a vaporizer pipe? To smoke DMT, for instance? In that case you need a torch lighter with blue flame. Heat the bowl by holding the flame to the bottom, watch the vapour develop and inhale.

Cleaning the pipe? Do it straight away! That saves a lot of trouble and you know for sure that its really clean ready for next time. Need any help? Take a look at the Pipe Accessories!


  • Glass pipe for smoking or vaping
  • Also commonly called base pipe, DMT pipe, pure pipe, crack pipe or vaporizer pipe.
  • Suitable for weed, hash, herbs, weed oil, DMT, dabs and more
  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Length: 15.5 cm
  • Diameter: 1 cm
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